By Gina Krajc

The Hamptons style home, originating from the affluent Long Island, New York region, has emerged as an increasingly popular choice for both builders and home owners across Australia. With a long term love affair with the beach, you can understand why we’ve allowed it to slip into our streetscape so easily. Characterised by its sophisticated coastal charm, neutral colour schemes and higher end finishes, the Hamptons style infuses elegance into the laid back beach life that is quintessential to Australian culture.

Further to our trip to the Hamptons and almost a decade immersing ourselves into this style, we’ve evolved a guide to help you incorporate the essential elements to your home that evoke the same timeless Hamptons allure but with an Australian flavour…

Exterior Design:


1.  Weatherboard cladding – Classic Hamptons style homes feature weatherboard cladding (also know as shiplap) that adds depth and texture. Opt for a white or light grey for a timeless appeal and consider a modern greige as an option.
2.  Gables – Multiple gables with pitched roofs are a common feature in Hamptons style designs, further adding to the charm and architectural detail of your home. Designs for this gable area are also varied and allow you to further customise your home so it is uniquely yours.
3.  Roofing – Coastal homes in the Hamptons typically have shingle- style roofing. In Australia, shingle roofs are not permitted in some states so a streamlined Monier concrete or terracotta roof tile are a great option. Otherwise, Colorbond roofing in a matte finish is a popular substitute that offers durability and style. If budget is less of an issue, you could even consider a cliplock roof creating a more modern take on the Hamptons aesthetic.
4.   Windows – Opt for white framed windows incorporating crossbars for added character. The larger the window the better in your Hamptons style home to allow for streams of natural light to flood your interiors to create that bright and airy mood.
5.  Outdoor living – A balance between indoor and outdoor living is key to achieving the relaxed Hamptons vibe in Australia. Alfresco areas, large verandas and outdoor entertaining areas should seamlessly blend with the homes interiors to create the ultimate retreat whether you’re on the coast or inland.

Interior Design:



1. Open plan living – Hamptons homes are known for their open, spacious floor plans that allow for a seamless flow between living, dining and kitchen areas. This creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining family and friends.

2. High ceilings – Maximise the sense of space and light in your Hamptons home with high ceilings. If your budget allows it, adorn them with feature cornices, coffered designs or detailed panelling.


3. Colour palette – There are a few options here. You can adopt a soothing neutral colour palette that runs through your home consisting of whites, creams, beiges and soft greys. OR you can adopt a coastal blue based scheme incorporating hues varying anywhere from a light duck egg blue to a brighter cobalt and anywhere in between!

     4. Natural materials – Timber flooring, natural stones, marble countertops, and rattan or wicker furniture bring an organic warmth to your Hamptons style home. If your budget allows it, stone-clad feature walls internally and externally or around fireplaces have a fantastic impact.

Hamptons Style Kitchen:



1. Shaker style Cabinetry – Choose cabinetry in a classic shaker style design, painted in soft whites or muted greys for the classic Hamptons style.

2. Subway tiles – for a simple yet stylish splashback, opt for a white subway tile in a brick or herringbone pattern.

3. Pendant lighting – Hang pendant lights over the kitchen island, bench or dining table.

4. Benchtops – consider a marble or marble look finish

Hamptons style Bathroom:


1 . Freestanding bathtub – A must have in any Hamptons style bathroom is a free standing bathtub creating an opulent and relaxed vide.

2. Classic fixtures and fittings – chrome, brushed nickel and satin brass are the best options for a classic Hamptons style home, but to modernise it, you can also go for black tapware. Either create a refined look.

3. Wainscotting or wall panelling – this adds a decorative element to what would otherwise be a plain wall.

Hamptons style has the perfect blend of elegance, sophistication and coastal charm to suit the Australian lifestyle. By incorporating some of these essential elements in your home, you can create a serene and relaxing retreat that exudes a sense of luxury and timeless appeal. At Rosewood Homes, we specialise in designing and constructing Hamptons style homes to your unique taste and preferences. Talk to our team today to bring your dream Hamptons style home to life.