The Custom Design Option

The dream of owning a custom designed home evolved specifically to suit your new home requirements is something often aspired to, alternately or collectively it might be a path you are forced to follow due to the characteristics of your building site. Either way, the evolution of a custom designed home is typically expensive, full of potential hurdles, and often a roll of the dice on whether the completed design will even be afforded.

Rosewood Homes specialise in the evolution of custom designed homes where our process provides a cost efficient approach to not only produce the home design you will love to live in, but can also afford to build. To achieve this outcome we take a collaborative approach with you in considering the broader requirements of your sites’ development and total feasibility while working with a financially vested interest in satisfying your home design requirements.

Builder Involvement is Key

 Rosewood’s approach sees us with a vested interest in evolving a custom design that meets client requirements and progresses to a construction contract. The vested interest comes from the fact that Rosewood Homes does not profit financially through the custom design process (custom design fees cover drafting and tender costs only) andcan only profit financially where the custom design progresses to a building contract with Rosewood Homes. We are financially motivated to ensure the custom designed home is one you will not only love to live in,butone you can also afford and see built.

The Rosewood Homes custom design process may be somewhat unconventional compared to the usual process taken by a homeowner, but the added value Rosewood Homes bring to this process should certainly entice potential clients to contact us for more detail on how we can design and build your dream home

The Farmhouse

The Serene Abode

The Conventional Design Process Conundrum

Rosewood’s approach to the custom design process sees us manage the evolution of the custom designed home. We take a collaborative approach with the client and our designers to achieve a home our clients will love to live in while working within the limitations of budget. As the builder,we possess expertise and experience in costing, practical construction methods, and design which enable valuable inputs through the custom design process to see the evolved design satisfy the balancing act between client desires, site limitations and budget. Satisfaction of these factors will see the new home design progress to construction rather than languish through a redesign or requirement for increased finances.

Architects and designers are paid their fee and make their profit on the design works they perform whether the job progresses to construction or not. Without a financial interest in ensuring the financial viability of the design they have provided,they take minimal consideration of budget limitations that would inevitably determine the custom design process’success or failure in progressing to construction of the design.

Rosewood’s Financially Vested Interest in our Custom Design Process

Like a Designer or Architect Rosewood Homes charge a fee for our custom design services. Where we ask for your financial commitment to Rosewood Homes in this regard, we provide a commitment in return via our provision of a heavily subsidised fee for our Custom Design Process. The fee we charge falls well short of the costs we incur through our Custom Design Process creating a financially vested interest for Rosewood Homes to provide a quality of service to the best of our abilities. This approach ensures Rosewood Home’s dedication to providing you with a design you will love to live in with its construction tendered as competitively as we can make it.

Where you make a commitment to us, rest assured we’d be making a commitment back to you. This is not the case when you engage a Designer or Architect directly, as their fees cover their costs and profit where they make their money from their process whether the design produced is afforded and built or not. Conversely, If RWH have not fulfilled your requirements through our process where we are not then engaged to build the home the process has produced we will incur a substantial financial loss reflecting the time and costs incurred beyond those covered by the CDP fee.