By Adam Krajc



The emotional and financial investment associated with the design and construction of a new home cannot be understated. Which such a broad range of home builders available to the consumer picking a builder from the many out there servicing the Sydney region may indeed be one of the most important decisions you make directly affecting the quality, price, level of service, and total experience associated in the evolution of your new home.


Comparing one builder to another can be undertaken on many criteria. Pricing, quality, and  customer service are obvious factors to consider, but beyond these experience, communication, reputation, standard inclusions, transparency, resourcing, and trust are all criteria that will dramatically influence the professionalism the builder provides and the customer experience you live through before moving into your dream home. 


As a long established boutique builder of customised family homes Rosewood Homes provide a quality in construction and level of customer service worthy of your investment. We pride ourselves on taking a transparent approach to marketing our homes, gimmick free, to provide our clients with an honest, clearly communicated, representation of the product and services we provide. Our standard inclusions cater to a level of specification befitting our homes and  what we believe to be minimum customer expectations for their new home. With a strong reputation built on more than 65 years of home construction we maintain a limited workload that ensures our ability to utilise hand selected trades while adequately supervising the construction of your home to the level of workmanship required. This is all supported with the peace of mind that comes with direct contact and ongoing communication with the Managing Director of the business through the process from your initial enquiry to handover and beyond. You can trust in Rosewood Homes to deliver a home you will proud of.  


How do you compare one builder to another across the criteria that demand consideration to enable your best decision on who to entrust with the production of your new home? It’s not an easy process.


Pricing- In order to assess the cost of one home against another there are some critical items to investigate, and taking an ‘apples to apples’ approach is a must-

·      Are site costs included and what do they cover? Are they limited in allowance of excavation, piering, service connections, site drainage, site classification, rain water tank etc

·      Specification level and extent of fixtures and fittings included for? The quality of inclusions and the limitations on allowances for those inclusions can have a considerable effect on the price of a home and the extent of upgrade variations the home may require to satisfy your requirements where the standard inclusions are not good enough, or adequately quantified.   

·      Quality of workmanship and the standard of finish achieved must be taken into account. This is a direct function on the quality of tradesman utilised and the level of supervision allocated to each job. How many homes does the supervisor manage at any one time? 

·      Size, structural complexity of construction, façade details- The size of the home and complexity to build it will differ from one home to the next casting potential cost implications that are not easily defined for comparison. For example a smaller home with complicated roof lines may be more expensive than a larger home with simplified roof design. Trying to compare one home to another based on them being the same size will not necessarily be a fair comparison where construction complexity and façade details differ. 

·      Floor plan layouts- Comparing one home to another is not an easy process. Two homes identical in size, façade, and structural complexity can for example be considerably different in price where one home includes more bathroom space, more internal walls, more doors etc than the other. 


Customisation- Rosewood Homes cater very specifically to their clients wanting more than that provided by Rosewood’s standard designs. Rosewood’s Custom Design Process has been evolved to best cater to the collaborative evolution of custom designed homes that suit a client’s tastes, while working within the limitations of their given site and budget requirements. 



Experience- With a history of achievement spanning more than 65 years, three generations of the Krajc family have dedicated their careers to home construction in the Sydney region. Under Adam Krajc’s directorship Rosewood Homes continue to provide home building services his father, uncle, and grandfather would be proud of. 


Trust- At Rosewood Homes, we’ve seen the misrepresentations and gimmicks offered by other builders to the marketplace in order to win sales. We take the approach that honesty and transparency are far more appreciated by our clients as we detail our services, pricing, and construction processes which we believe will prove ourselves worthy of your trust in construction of your new home. 



Channels of communication and Relationship– We consider our clients experience through design, tender, contract, and construction as important as the quality of their finished home.

On this basis we think it important to establish a close working relationship with our clients where open channels of communication enable our identification of specific client needs we are better able to cater to, while offering direct access to the business owner for discussion on any requirements or concerns that may arise through the process. 


Added value- budget analysis review and assistance. Design inputs with customisations. Interior design consultancy. Co-ordination with client trades where required.



The client experience through the process of design and construction of your new home is directly attributable to builder choice which requires thorough investigation and consideration in determining which builder to choose. Is your builder the right choice for you? Dare to compare thoroughly and choose wisely as a result.