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In case you’ve missed the memo, Modern farmhouse style homes have taken the design and architecture world by storm, blending contemporary finishes with more traditional elements. This aesthetic is all about the comfort and simplicity of the farm while maintaining the clean lines and luxuries of today’s modern homes. Building a farmhouse style home combines the best of both worlds: comfortable and inviting spaces with plenty of room to gather and entertain, combined with the convenience and functionality of contemporary designs.


In this blog post, I’ll share some essential farmhouse exterior elements you should include in your modern farmhouse style home taking into consideration the Australian streetscape and Australian fixtures and finishes.



1. The colour palette – typically the farmhouse exterior colour scheme uses neutral colours including white, beige and black and darker greys in charcoal tones. Subtle variations in shades can add depth and interest. For example you can use lighter shades for cladding and darker tones for shutters, trims, windows and doors.

2. A signature front door – The front door of your home (no matter the style of your home) sets the tone of the home. To make a statement, consider opting for a bold colour, a unique design, texture or elegant hardware. Incorporating farmhouse-inspired elements, like barn door hardware or rustic wood panelling, can further enhance the overall look.

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3. Gable roof and dormer windows – One of the most distinctive features of a traditional farmhouse is its steep, gable rooflines. Including these roof lines in your exterior farmhouse façade is a must, as they provide the classic silhouette the style is known for. Moreover, you can enhance the gable roofs with dormer windows, which not only add for architectural interest but can also allow for more natural light.

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4. Board and batten or shiplap weatherboard – cladding your home with either or both of these finishes will create a timeless elegant look. These styles add texture and depth to the home, making it visually appealing from all angles. Fibre cement cladding works well in the Australian climate.

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5. Porches and outdoor spaces – One of the essential elements of farmhouse design is a welcoming, spacious porch. Incorporating an expansive front or wrap around porch will add classic charm to your modern farmhouse exterior. Porches and outdoor living spaces provide a cozy, intimate, area to enjoy warm breezes, engage with neighbours or simply unwind with a cup of coffee. For an updated contemporary look, consider using metal or cable railings, modern porch lights and minimalist outdoor furniture.

6. Natural elements – Incorporating natural elements into your modern farmhouse exterior design will help create a seamless flow between your home and it’s surroundings. Stone or brick accents on the façade, exterior walls or porch pillars establish an organic connection to the landscape. Additionally the use of reclaimed wood for accents or decorative features can add warmth and texture while also serving as a nod to the repurposing trend often found in modern farmhouse design.

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7. Landscape design – Creating curb appeal is vital for any home, and the landscaping of your modern farmhouse home should be no exception. Opt for a mix of lush greenery, colourful blooming flowers, and hardy, low maintenance plants. To extend the farmhouse vibe, consider including a picket fence and a few well placed flowering baskets along walkways or porches.


Designing a modern farmhouse exterior is all about blending the charm of traditional farmhouses with the clean lines and sleek materials of contemporary architecture. By incorporating these essential features into your home, you can create a stunning and welcoming exterior that is both functional and visually appealing. At Rosewood Homes, we specialise in designing and constructing modern Australian Farmhouse style homes to your unique taste and preferences. Talk to our team today to bring your dream home to life – whatever the style.

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Keep checking our blog for the essential interior elements of a modern farmhouse style home – coming soon.




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